Ceramic fused to zirconia crown
150 EUR
Choose a wonderful smile only at Lyrdent Clinic!

Why choose a zirconia crown over a conventional metal-ceramic crown?

Zirconia crowns are manufactured using CAD-CAM technology and teeth may be ultimately shaped in a computerized environment.

Zirconia crowns are the most aesthetic method to change or improve your smile.

In the end your tooth will look as translucent and natural as a healthy tooth.

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Teeth whitening with ZOOM! lamp
200 EUR
Choose the safest, most efficient, harmless and painless teeth whitening treatment!

Choose ZOOM Advanced Power teeth whitening system for a fast procedure of maximum one hour!

Choose a brilliant smile at Lyrdent Clinic with ZOOM Advanced Power teeth whitening system!

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Megagen Anyone dental implant + abutment + zirconia crown
500 EUR
Lyrdent Clinic offers you the full package of dental implant + abutment + zirconia crown at a promotional price.

AnyOne implant system was developed to be Tissue friendly, Operator friendly, Patient friendly. T.O.P.

Advantages of Anyone implants: Patients can expect minimally invasive surgery with less pain, shorter healing time, and a more esthetic fnal restoration. The fitting procedure is not painful and is carried out by specialist dentists.

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Price List

    • Consultation – 100 ron
    • Digital Smile Design (DSD) – 200 ron
    • Ultrasonic scaling – 150 ron
    • Air-flow professional polishing – 100 ron
    • Professional tooth polishing using abrasive toothpaste – 80 ron
    • Crystal teeth jewelry – 90-120 ron
    • Tooth fluoridation using solutions/lacquers – 50 ron/arcada
    • Composite filling – 80-120 ron
    • Dental Inlay – 600 ron**
    • Fissure sealing using light activated resins – 80 ron
    • Amalgam filling removal – 50-80 ron
    • Whitening/fluoridation tray – 150 ron
    • Teeth whitening using Opalescence solution in dental trays – 600 ron
    • ZOOM! lamp teeth whitening – 1200 ron**
    • Anesthetic cartridge, atraumatic needle – 20 ron

    • Mechanical root canal treatment – 20 ron
    • Root canal treatment using antibiotics – 20 ron
    • Root and crown restoration (fiberglass post + abutment) – 250 ron
    • Single extraction + anesthesia – 150 ron
    • Multiple root removal – 150 ron
    • Impacted wisdom tooth removal – 300 ron
    • Artificial bone graft – 100 – 250 euro
    • Alpha Bio dental implant – 550 euro**
    • Ceramic veneer – 700 ron**
    • Composite veneer – 400 ron**
    • Ceramic fused to zirconia crown – 1500 ron**
    • All-ceramic crown fused to metal – 450 ron**
    • Pressed ceramic crown – 800 ron
    • Metal-ceramic crown on implant – 800 ron**
    • Zirconia crown on implant – 800 ron**
    • Acrylic partial denture (max. 5 elements) – 800 ron
    • Acrylic full denture – 800 ron
    • Lining restoration (acrylic denture) – 150 ron
    • Frame denture with special attachments – 400 euro
    • Frame denture with cast clasps – 250 euro

*Payment will be made at the official exchange rate

** services available at promotional prices

Lyrdent Dental Clinic accepts payment for dental services in cash or by credit card.

Payment can also be made by 0% interest installments


    Our clinic accepts payment by installments up to 12 INSTALLMENTS WITH ZERO INTEREST if you use a MasterCard/Visa Avantaj card.
    Avantaj card is a credit card in lei which may be used across the country and abroad and has the following advantages
      • 0.3% BONUS for each transaction
      • Grace period of up to 45 days where no interest is charged (including for installments)
      • Unlimited credit period provided that you refund at least 5% of the total amount drawn from the credit line on a monthly basis
      • Double function: credit/debit card.
    For further information please visit

    If you use the credit card issued by Banca Transilvania, you may pay in six installments with zero interest under the Star BT program.
    MasterCard Forte, MasterCard Forte for Physicians, Visa Gold, Visa Gold BT-Rotary and Visa Platinum are included in the program.
    StarBT comes with various benefits:
      • you may pay in six installments with zero interest or you can make a full refund in a single payment.
      • The payment system is secured according to the highest standards, including 3D Secure.
    For additional information on the Star BT program visit