We are one of the top dental clinics in Bucharest and have over ten years of experience. We have constantly prepared and trained for you to come back to the clinic with a smile on your face.


We are a team of experienced dentists who continuously improve our skills and knowledge through many national and international courses and conferences. Lyrdent team is lead by Dr. Ana-Maria Mihalcea.


Our purpose is to be one of the top dental clinics by using up-to-date technologies in compliance with the most recent EU standards. Therefore, we continually invest in state-of-the-art dental technology and equipment and in advanced dental supplies and products.


The dental clinic is located in the 4th district, on Dimitrie Cantemir Boulevard, just a couple of minutes from Unirii area. We are proud to greet you with a complete range of dental treatments and services customized for each patient.


Cosmetic dentistry is the art of a beautiful smile. It is the art of unrestrained emotion, joy and happiness.
It is the art of a confident smile, and not least, it is the art of improving the quality of life.


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dentistry procedure and an essential ingredient for a bright and perfectly white smile. Lyrdent Clinic uses ZOOM! whitening lamp, the most advanced professional teeth whitening equipment, in combination with a non-invasive method which does not damage tooth enamel.


Ceramic veneers are a key element of cosmetic dentistry and they are used to improve or change a patient’s smile without drilling the teeth. The procedure may be performed in combination with Digital Smile Design so you can see what your smile looks like before other procedures are carried out.


Digital Smile Design (DSD) is a concept put forward by Dr. Christian Coachman which combines digital technology and dentist’s artistry.
DSD is a modern tool used in cosmetic dentistry which allows patients to preview the final appearance of their teeth and to actively participate in the design process together with the dentist and the technician. Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea completed the Digital Smile Design course and has the skills required to perform this digital procedure.


Ceramic fused to zirconia crowns are the ideal solution for a perfect and bright smile and they are superior to conventional metal-ceramic crowns both aesthetically and functionally.
Since zirconia is biocompatible with the tooth tissues and structure, the final result will be identical to the neighboring natural teeth.


Dental implants have both a functional and an aesthetic role as they replace one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are made of titanium which is biocompatible with the surrounding bone. Where bone thickness is not sufficient, additional grafting procedures are required. Lyrdent Clinic uses several types of dental implants, the most frequently used being Alpha-Bio implants.

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Our doctors wish to be the artists of your smile as we have been dedicated to you for more than ten years.
We have learned to listen to you and to understand your wishes as doctor-patient communication is essential to us.
For us each patient is special and therefore all medical services are customized so as to fit your budget and needs.
We have been constantly investing in the quality of our dental services by using the best products and equipment and by cooperating with recognized dental laboratories.
Our approach consists in providing a specialist in every dentistry branch. Therefore, our doctors regularly attend various scientific conferences and specialist courses and take examinations.


Lyrdent Dental Clinic accepts payment for dental services in cash or by credit card VISA, MASTERCARD or MAESTRO.
Moreover, our clinic cooperates with Credit Europe Bank and Banca Transilvania in order to allow you to pay for the services in up to 12 installments with zero interest whenever you use AVANTAJ or STARBT cards.



    Our clinic accepts payment by installments up to 12 INSTALLMENTS WITH ZERO INTEREST if you use a MasterCard/Visa Avantaj card. Avantaj card is a credit card in lei which may be used across the country and abroad. Benefits: • 0.3% BONUS for each transaction • Grace period of up to 45 days where no interest is charged (including for installments) • Unlimited credit period provided that you refund at least 5% of the total amount drawn from the credit line on a monthly basis • Double function: credit/debit card. For further information please visit www.cardavantaj.ro.
  • Star BT - 6 INSTALLMENTS WITH ZERO INTEREST through Banca Transilvania

    If you use the credit card issued by Banca Transilvania, you may pay in six installments with zero interest under the Star BT program. MasterCard Forte, MasterCard Forte for Physicians, Visa Gold, Visa Gold BT-Rotary and Visa Platinum are included in the program. StarBT comes with various benefits: you may pay in six installments with zero interest or you can make a full refund in a single payment. The payment system is secured according to the highest standards, including 3D Secure. For additional information on the Star BT program visit www.starbt.ro.
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