Implant DentarA dental implant is recommended when one or more teeth are missing, and after the roots are removed.

As a matter of a fact, a dental implant replaces a tooth and consists of three parts:

-a titanium insert fitted in the bone which serves as an “artificial root” of the future tooth,

-an abutment which is screwed into the insert and serves as a “crown” until

-a final crown is placed; all-ceramic, metal-ceramic or zirconia crowns may be used.

The shape, color and position of the crown in the occlusal plane will be identical to those of the natural teeth so that the implant will be indistinguishable from the neighboring natural teeth.
Implant Dentar
Dr. Ana-Maria Mihalcea
and her team recommend zirconia crowns as they are fully biocompatible with the gums and as their translucence and brilliance make them resemble natural teeth.

A CT scan or an x-ray examination will be performed before the implant is fitted in order to assess the bone thickness and depth and to determine which type of implant is most recommended.

If the dental surgeon considers that all requirements are met, tooth removal and implant placement may be performed in a single session.

However, if the bone quality does not meet the abovementioned requirements, a bone graft may be required followed by the immediate loading of the implant.

Lyrdent Clinic offers you high quality Alpha-Bio implants at promotional prices.Implant ALPHA-BIO

Alpha-Bio implants are the best solution both for the patient and the dentist.

They are compatible with all types of bone structure, and are available in a wide range of lengths and diameters which allows them to be used both for simple and high complexity surgical procedures.

Implant Dentar Alpha-BioAdvantages of Alpha-Bio implants:


-reduced healing time

-help prevent complications and easily integrate into the bone tissue (osseointegration)

-good quality/price ratio

The success rate of Alpha-Bio implants is 99.6% if the immediate loading procedure is used.

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