Composite veneers are a quick method to have your smile reshaped. Unlike dental crowns, dental veneers do not require substantial drilling.

Veneers are used when teeth are stained for example as a result of prolonged administration of antibiotics (tetracycline) and teeth whitening is not a sufficiently effective option.

The procedure is quick and painless and the outcome is very dramatic.

Dental veneers are also used when old fillings create an unpleasant and old appearance of the teeth. Veneers are also an alternative to braces for the closure of small gaps between teeth.

In general, veneers are used to improve the shape, color or size of natural teeth.

At Lyrdent Clinic your smile may be much improved in less than three hours by means of composite veneers having a high content of ceramic.

This composite material has aesthetic and strength properties comparable to ceramic.

The procedure is completely non-invasive as the material is fitted directly to the tooth, without damaging the healthy tooth tissue.

The composite material is applied in several layers on the tooth and is shaped directly in the mouth. The patient may view live on a display the way teeth are being transformed.

The price of composite veneers is as much as 50% lower than that of ceramic veneers. The lifespan of composite veneers is minimum four years.

The main advantage of the composite veneers is that they may be removed at any time without damaging the structure of the teeth.

For more details, please see the clinical case of Iuliana.

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