Endodontic therapy is the “key” to a successful dental treatment as the life span of a tooth in the dental arch strongly depends on the treatment performed.

If the decay reaches the dental pulp, the treatment consists in the complete removal of the nerve followed by the filling of the root canal (root canal therapy).

What is root canal filling?

This procedure consists in the filling of the root canal with dental filling material so that the supporting tissue around the tooth will not become damaged in time.

– Appropriate therapy mainly depends on the correct identification of the root apex, the accurate determination of the root canal length and the root canal sealing with filling material and gutta-percha cones.

After the endodontic treatment is completed, the tooth is restored using composite filling material or a dental crown.

Endodontic therapy employs two techniques for root canal filling:
-Conventional root canal filling using an antiseptic sealant and a gutta-percha point
-Modern 3D root canal filling, a leading edge technique which is available at Lyrdent Clinic

This technique uses special equipment to heat the gutta-percha point so that gutta-percha fills the main root canal and the accessory canals.

Thus a three-dimensional filling is obtained which ensures perfect sealing of the root canal.

It is performed in a single session which may include, if required, the insertion of a fiberglass post.

The use of the 3D technology allows for the performance of several procedures in a single session. The patient will experience less visits to the clinic and as a result will benefit from reduced costs.


Is it normal to feel pain after root canal treatment?

In rare cases, the tooth may become sensitive to touch and you may experience pain. Pain will decrease and eventually disappear within a week at most.

A follow-up X-ray after root canal therapy is relevant for the accuracy of the treatment and therefore it is mandatory.

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