Orthodontics is generally concerned with malpositioned teeth (crowding of teeth, rotated teeth, misaligned or crooked teeth) and with malocclusion (impaired closure of the mouth, underbite, overbite, etc.). All these cause dysfunctions of the masticatory system (pain in the jaw joint, impaired chewing ability) and give an unpleasant appearance to your smile.

The orthodontists deal with such issues, their primary mission being to reposition the teeth and to restore the aesthetic appearance of the smile.

All these issues are solved at our clinic by using braces of various types:

-removable braces

-fixed metal braces (which work by attaching metal brackets to the teeth surfaces)

-ceramic braces (which are especially suitable for adults because brackets are transparent and almost invisible)

-incognito braces (which sit behind the teeth and are hidden from view). This type of braces is suitable for socially active persons as they can be worn at all times.

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